After a disastrous World Cup exit, Bavuma’s position as captain is in doubt.

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What is Bavuma’s Positions after the World Cup Exit?

Following his team’s appalling performance in their T20 World Cup encounter against the Netherlands in Adelaide on Sunday, Temba Bavuma is expected to reevaluate his role as South Africa’s captain. South Africa, one of the favorites to win the tournament, was eliminated from contention for a spot in the semi-finals by the Dutch, who entered the match as clear underdogs and won by 13 runs.

The team of Bavuma was widely favored to win against a team they had defeated in each of their previous five completed white-ball games. But they stopped in their tracks when they realized that in order to go to the knockout stages, they had to win or at the very least not lose. The Netherlands were able to score 158/4 thanks to slack bowling, while the South Africans could only muster 145/8 in response due to even worse batting. Would Bavuma’s position as captain ? It would be really emotional to be thinking about that right now, according to Bavuma. “I’ll probably give it some thought. I’ll talk to the appropriate parties.”
His fate could be chosen for him, Bavuma. Mark Boucher’s tenure as South Africa’s coach ended with the competition. As he acknowledged: “I’ll have to watch who comes in as coach,” Boucher’s successor may choose to fire Bavuma. When there are such changes, people adapt with their own styles and may look for a different leader to carry out their goals and playing methods.

“But if I considered all of that right now, it would make me feel sad. Whatever happens, I believe that I have handled both the good and the terrible moments with dignity. If I were to go, I would do it with my dignity unharmed.”

Bavuma could only be considering leaving if he did not explicitly state that he would like to remain in the position. At the very least, that would put a stop to the frequently disrespectful criticism he receives in both the mainstream media and in less reliable social media circles, criticism that is at least partially to blame for Bavuma’s and South Africa’s failings.

As a player, it does mentally wear on you, he said. “You make every effort to regulate what enters your head and to keep it as organized as possible. But because to social media and modern society, anything is said online always finds its way to you.

“I’ve always made an effort to maintain my composure in both good and terrible situations. I’ve made an effort to stay as true to myself as I can. For this group as well as for myself. We will face criticism, and it will probably be justified. But we’ll need to figure out a means to recover. I’ll need to find a method to turn things around and attempt to return to what was once excellent.

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