Fake Mr Bean Caused A Social Media War Between Zimbabwe-Pakistan In T20 World Cup

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On the day of the game, Pakistan Cricket’s official account tweeted pictures of their practices. In response, Ngugi Chasura, who claims to be from Zimbabwe, wrote: “As Zimbabweans, we won’t forgive you. Once, instead of Mr. Bean Rowan, you brought us that Fraud Pak Bean. The situation will be resolved tomorrow. Just hope the rain won’t stop you.

When a Pakistani fan asked him to explain, he answered, “They offered us Pak Bean instead of Mr. Bean in one of our local events called the Agricultural Show.” He also posted a photo of the Pakistani impostor from the event. This is Pak Bean, who robs people of their money while posing as Mr. Bean.

Whether the accusations of cheating were real or false, the post became more well-known after Zimbabwe beat Pakistan.

Is Mr. Bean a made-up persona?

Yes, the Pakistani comedian simply known as Asif Muhammad might pass for the real Mr. Bean.

What did Zimbabwe’s president say?

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the president of Zimbabwe, joined the Pak Bean incident with what is possibly the best sports-related tweet ever sent by a sitting president:

Wonderful news for Zimbabwe! “Congratulations to the Chevrons. Pretty ordinary enough,” began the first sentence. The critical phrase appeared in the second line.

“Send the Real Mr. Bean next time…#PakvsZim”

Has Pakistan’s prime minister responded?

Oh yes. He stated this, however it’s not quite as funny.

“Mr. President, we may not have the real Mr. Bean, but when it comes to cricket, we do have the real substance, and Pakistanis have a funny habit of bouncing back. Your squad played exceptionally well today.

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