T20 World Cup 2022: Mohammad Nabi resigns as captain

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Mohammad Nabi has opted to resign as captain with immediate effect following Afghanistan’s dismal World Cup performance, during which they went winless (losing 3 and having two games called off). The 37-year-old all-rounder voiced his disappointment in the selection committee for “not being on the same page” when making the news through Twitter.

Nabi Step Down as Afghanistan Captain

“From the last one year, our team’s preparation was not to a level that a captain would want it or needed for a big tournament. Moreover, in some of the last tours, the team manager, selection committee, and I were not on the same page, which had implications on the team balance,” Nabi said.

At Perth, Afghanistan lost their first game to England, but they came back admirably in their last two matches against Sri Lanka and Australia. They are, regrettably, the only team in the competition to have two no votes against them. The constant rain in Melbourne last week caused both of their matches against Ireland and New Zealand to be postponed.

We are as angry about the results of games as you are, but our T20 World Cup trip came to an end with a result neither we nor our supporters expected.

So, with due respect, I hereby declare that I will resign from my position as captain, effective immediately. I will, however, continue to represent my nation when the team and management require it, he said.

Nabi led the squad for the first time in 35 T20Is in 2013, and Afghanistan won 16 of those games when he was captain. In his post, the captain outlined how “the selection committee and I were not on the same page, which had ramifications for the team balance.”

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